Tips for Preparing for the Property and Casualty License Exam

For many people looking to obtain a property and casualty license, it has probably been a while since they sat in desks and listened to lectures or took exams. Those study skills might have rusted and the discipline to sit down and study for hours on end has likely long since dissipated. Therefore, it is essential that people getting ready to take the property and casualty license exam prepare properly. This is a monster test that will test both endurance and discipline. Success on this exam starts with proper preparation and some important tips for success in this exam are below.

  1. Create a Schedule

Many people overlook the most important part of preparing for this exam. Sit down and create a schedule prior to even opening a test preparation book. A schedule will allow everyone preparing for this test to make sure they don’t overlook an important topic. Studying without creating a schedule will lead to overlooked topics while some topics might be excessively studied. When preparing a schedule, be sure to allow some time at the end of the schedule to review topics that might have caused problems on the first pass. In addition, make sure a reasonable amount of material is covered each day. This will prevent people from getting fatigued mentally.

  1. Take Breaks During the Day

Preparing for the property and casualty license exam can be mentally draining on a day to day basis. People will spend hours each day studying for this beast of a test and may wind up mentally fatigued. When the brain is tired, it cannot efficiently retain as much material as it could when fresh. Therefore, it is okay to take ten or fifteen-minute breaks during the course of the day. Go for a walk or eat a snack. Focusing on something else will give the mind a break and allow a person to sit down after the break fresh and ready to take in new material. Schedule mental breaks over the course of a study day.

  1. Take Practice Tests

The most important study advice when preparing for any standardized test is to take practice exams. Practice exams are important because they allow a person to simulate the test conditions they will experience during the actual day. Many of these tests are several hours long and will test someone’s endurance. Therefore, it is important for people to simulate these test conditions to get in the mental shape to handle such a long and grueling test. In addition, taking a practice test will give someone valuable experience taking on questions that are similar to the questions that are on the actual test. By taking questions that are similar to the actual test, a student will be ready for anything that comes their way on test day.