The thought of giving flowers; what it means

Have you ever felt like the flowers that you are giving are all in vain?

Have you?

Well I’m sure the lucky person that got your flower might have wept and loved it but after a day it either got thrown in the trash or was left to rot in one corner.

Let’s not joke ourselves when we feel sometimes that it’s a total waste of money, but what can we do? The person that we gave the flowers to loved them when they are so healthy looking and throws it when the petals are starting to get dry. Blame it in the culture and tradition of affection and whoever invented it.

We can’t erase this fact and you just have to think that it’s the moment that counts where a person received the flowers and they genuinely get teary eyed, hugs you and kiss you, tell you that they love you. If this is all worth it for that money then go ahead.

But the thing about flower arrangements is that they become too over the top sometimes, over the top in a sense that there are just too much fillers that leaves the flowers overpowered by the design that doesn’t really give justice to the beauty of the flower anymore and some flower stores charged extra for it. Flowers are beautiful, they need to shine on their own and have this opportunity/chance to be appreciated.

The value of flower arrangement

If you want a bouquet of flowers that makes the flower more appreciated, something simple, and posh you should check FLLORY. They have a flower arrangement that can make you buy their flowers right away. The design is straight forward, no bells and whistles just shows how beautiful a flower can be inside a hatbox but don’t get it wrong even if the space may look like a tight squeeze inside a hat box it’s not. It even makes the flowers more overwhelming and the presentation doesn’t seem like the flowers were compressed just to fit in the box.

It’s a good product certainly the delivery was well thought of and how it can be presented. Every day is a good day to give flowers and sometimes you don’t really need to give flowers as tall as you, you just need to give a simple yet elegant hat box with flowers in it to make a special person smile.