The Benefits of Working with a Top Lobbying Firm and How to Hire One

For some businesses the decision to hire a lobbying firm can be a difficult one. As a result many firms are missing out on the many benefits that hiring a top lobbying firm can obtain for their organizations. In addition to learning about the benefits of a hiring a lobbying firm you must also know what to look for when you do start the hiring process.

The top lobbying firms are going to get you results. Even if you are a large company, access to elected officials can be difficult.  If you are lucky enough to get on their schedule, you need someone who has experience in that meeting. You will have limited time to make an argument for your issues, so it is imperative to have someone with experience fighting on your behalf. A good lobbyist knows how to get on the calendar quickly and more importantly knows what to do once they are in the room.

The top lobbying firms have solid relationships with the people you need to influence. These relationships result in the elected official valuing and trusting the lobbyist points of view. The government officials also know that the top lobbying firms only take clients and issues they believe are worth fighting for and this gives you a strong advantage.

While the best lobbyist are not cheap, trying to go it alone can end up costing you in the long run. In order to effectively lobby for your issues, you must have people on the ground close to the people you need to influence. In addition you will need to learn to navigate through some fairly complex legal issues, which eats away at man hours that could be focused on your core revenue generating activities.

While it is clear that a good lobbying firm can benefit your firm, it is important to make sure you are hiring one that is right for your organizational goals.

You will want to review their expertise and make sure they have solid experience within your industry. In addition you will want to look at their success rate within your industry. While there are no firm out there with a 100 percent success rate, you should make sure they have a solid history of wins.

You should also ask to review their client list so you can determine if there may be a conflict of interest. Many firms have systems in place to avoid these conflicts, but you should check and make sure you are comfortable with how any potential conflict would be handled.

When looking for a lobbyist you should speak with a few firms and ask for a request for proposal (RFP) to review what they plan on doing for your firm. Last but not least, make sure the firm has a reputation of integrity and success.