Questions to ask before enrolling your kids for dance class for kids

Planning to enroll your children for dance class for kids?

You would not want to miss the tips below, ask yourself the questions below and we believe you will be able to pick the ideal dance class for your children.

Do they have the interest?

How to know which dance course best suit your kids? You will firstly need to know your kid’s interest and personality. Does he or she enjoy watching people dance or perform? If the answer is yes, why not turn this spark to a passion? If your answer is uncertain, you could go for a trial dancing class for your kid, it is a great way to figure out if dancing is your kid’s cup of tea in the long run. It is advisable to watch your kids during the trial lesson – Ensure they are happy during the lesson. Dancing and memorising steps could be hard for children but it should make them happy in the first place.

What are the differences between each dance style?

There are so many dance classes available for children nowadays – Ballet, jazz, hip hop, modern, tap dancing, lyrical, world dance, ballroom dancing, musical theatre, line dance and many more. Start canvassing around by asking other parents who have sent their child for dance classes. Gathering information and feedback is important before you make the decision for your kids. Do not take this lightly as choosing a dance class that they do not like may affect their likings for dancing when they grow up.

Now, where should I send my child to learn dancing?

Once you have identified your child’s interest and have narrowed down a list of dance classes, consider the place of the dance studio and the instructor of the lesson. Is the place safe for children? Or does a student need to climb two to three flights of staircase to reach the studio? Does the instructor seem qualified and have patience to teach your little ones? You will definitely take these into consideration as kids are different from adults who are much more independent.

Is the dance lesson budget-friendly?

Besides the learning fees, you would also want to take the expenses for the outfit into consideration. This includes costs for costumes for dancing, shoes, accessories and other needed equipment. It is totally alright to ask the instructor on all these expenses, so that you can plan your budget and ensure everything fits the bill. Do not forget about the transportation fee – How much petrol or public transport fare you have to pay for each month for the dance class for kids.