Importance Of Safety Equipment In Construction

Construction site work is a land based job. It involves the construction of the building, houses, bridge, repair, and maintenance. These kinds of jobs involve risky task because of the height, noise, excavation, tools and heavy equipment. Construction work is the hazardous job.

Commonly used safety equipment are as follows

  • Safety Vest

Safety Vests are bright in color and usually reflective. The safety equipment Singapore protects from the mesh, breaks away and flames.

  • Hard hats

These safety equipment are used to protect the head from any injury.

  • Safety clothes and spectaclessafety equipment Singapore

The clothes are used to protect from getting contact with the harmful substances. The spectacles are important as it protects from the debris and hard material.

  • Safety gloves

The most common injury like laceration and abrasions happens in a workplace. Gloves are to protect from such injuries.

Significance of the safety equipment

  • Protection of head

There are chances of serious head injuries at the construction site. Hard hats are used to protect a worker from injury.

  • Protection of the skin and body

There is always the use of dust and chemicals takes place on the site. It is important to save your skin from any allergies. Generally, gloves are used while working with some glass, metal sheet, hot material, electricity etc.

  • Protection of face and eye

The masks and shields are used in metal work like cutting, grinding and nailing.

  • Protection of foot

To prevent from the skit and slip construction shoes is available in the market.

  • Hearing protection

According to research, around 22 million workers suffer from the harmful noise at construction sites. Earplugs and earmuff are also very common safety equipments that used to protect from hearing problems.

Many construction companies should ensure the safety workplace for workers and for the neighbor. Many countries like Switzerland, Singapore, America, etc. has strict laws to do construction work under safety measures. Use the safety equipments, not only to safeguard your workers, but also to keep your business going for a long time.