How to Improve Your Video Marketing Strategy

When it comes to marketing trends, plenty of statistics support video marketing as the latest big thing. By 2017, which is nearing closer and closer, video marketing is expected to account for almost 70% of all consumer traffic, and mobile video ads will grow five times faster than desktop ads whilst landing pages which include a video can expect around 800% more conversions than those which do not. However, putting together a video marketing campaign isn’t always easy, and with so many companies now incorporating video into their marketing, standing out from the competition is more vital than ever before. We’ve put together some top tips to help you put together a super successful video marketing strategy.

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Centre Around the Story

When it comes to video content on the internet, there is heaps of content that’s annoying, spammy, and actively repels customers rather than drawing them in and encouraging them to learn more. Today, customers don’t respond well to video ads that focus on the sale, but are rather drawn to those which have an interesting story to tell. Because of this, when putting together a video or animation either by yourself or with a company such as Spiel, it’s vital to ensure that the story is your main focus, rather than the sale.

Keep it Short and Sweet

Putting together an effective marketing video is quite an art, as you’ll need to be able to engage and interest people in just a small amount of time. Often, marketing videos work best when they are just a few seconds long, as not only does this make them convenient to watch, they’ll also work across a wide range of social media platforms, in particular those with video time limits such as Snapchat or Instagram. When designing your marketing videos, be careful to avoid anything that’s too drawn out or lengthy, instead focusing on quality rather than quantity.

Lighten Up

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make when designing a marketing video is to put together something that’s boring or generic. Today, with so many different marketing videos doing their rounds online, customers want to watch something that is going to be uplifting and make them feel better, either by sharing good news, telling them an inspiring story, or even simply making them laugh! When it comes to designing your content, the best way to achieve this is by focusing on people rather than sales or conversions.

Optimise for Search

Another huge mistake that marketers make with video marketing is failing to optimise their clips for search. When you upload a marketing video onto your website, blog, YouTube channel or any social media page, it’s important to remember to tag it and enable embedding to help you increase your chances of receiving inbound marketing links. But, when it comes to SEO for video, descriptions really are everything. Be sure that every video you upload has an interesting and engaging description that includes your main keywords.

Video marketing is rapidly growing in popularity, but it’s important to know how to utilize it to its best potential.