How to Enjoy Singapore

Singapore is one travel destination that’s totally unforgettable. It is a modern city that’s the safest for commuters but it also is known for having a Southeast Asian culture and traditions. It is also famous for its food. That’s why one of the first things travelers do would be to find a cafe in Orchard.

Traveling to Singapore is quite easy. Its international airport is also a popular stopover for many long flights to Europe and Australia. There are also several airlines that have flights between Singapore and other Asian cities.

How to Get to Singapore

Changi Airport in Singapore has been chosen several times as the best airport in the world. It is possible to fly to Singapore from any part of Southeast Asia, East Asia, and India. Adventurers may also travel to Singapore by train from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia or farther from Bangkok, Thailand.

What to See and Do

It is known as a small city state but it has a dense population. This population consists of Chinese, Indian, and Malaysian residents. This unique mix of its cultures can be seen in its culture, food, and architecture. Its street food varieties are world-renowned and it’s hygienic and safe to eat around the city state. Singapore indeed has always been regarded as the cleanest and safest place to eat and you can start with a street food binge.

Hawker centers are popular areas to eat. These are a collection of stalls that sell multiple varieties of food that are cheap. Some of these are traditional Chinese cuisine, Malaysian and Indian traditional dishes, Western food, and also Indonesian dishes. You can find a large population of Western expats in the city state and there are many restaurants and bars that cater to them.

Singapore is quite famous as a shopping destination. There are many shopping malls in the place but the high-end ones are found at the Orchard Street. This long stretch of road is brimming with designer shops, restaurants, department stores, and bars. There are also street markets where you can find cheap souvenir items and other stuffs with discounted rates.