Different Ways To Use Surplus Steel Tubes

There are a number of companies that buys and sells used as well as surplus steel tubes and they are available in different lengths and dimensions. There are few situations in which you are not allowed to use surplus steel tubes however it can be conveniently used for stuructural constructions. Here in this article we shall try to educate various contractors how these surplus steel tubes can be safely used for construction purpose.

What is surplus steel tube?

Don’t be under the impression that when we call them as surplus pipe, it does not mean that it will be old, dirty and corroded tubes which are lying unused for years. Usually, it can be a brand new steel pipe too which is left over of any big project. Though such surplus pipe was never used before they are cut for some project and hence they cannot be sold as a prime product.

Therefore, as a buyer you get the opportunity to buy top quality material at much lower price as they are technically not a prime product. There can be many different ways to use these surpluss steel tubes. However, before using these surplus tubes you must check the local rules regarding their usage. There are different rules application for such material in different states of the USA.

  • Light structural use

You can use these used or surplus steel tubes in many different structural use like sign poles, bollards, fencings, brifge railings or hand railings.

  • Foundation applications

In order to create solid foundation often various secondary materials are used in the construction work. Surplus pipes can be very commonly used for piling. If the structure is built over water then these pipes can provide very stable and strong foundation. You can find such structures in rivers, canals, ocean, bays or sometime in even swampy land.

  • Increased strength

It can also be used where increased strength is the requirement where few other secondary materials will also be used.

  • Surface casting

Surplus steel tubes are also used as a surface casting material. It can be used for protecting water sands at various oil fields so that it does not get contaminated and also prevents any drilling fluids being leaked during drilling process.

  • Road bore casting

In road bore casting too, surplus pipe can be a great idea. It can be used under the roadways in order to create secure and stable casting so that it can hold smaller pieces of pipes which is a part of any larger section of the pipeline.