Different Types Of Industrial Adhesives

One can find different types of adhesives in the market at the present time. And it is used for a number of tasks such as in the construction work, electrical works and many other kinds of works.

In Singapore, the companies spend a decent amount of money in developing and creating effective and efficient industrial adhesives and these are classified based on their properties and composition. Moreover, on the basis of cure mechanism as well, the adhesives are classified.

Some of the commonly used adhesives are

  • Resins


Resins are a polymer and it is originated synthetically. This is a kind of thermostatic and thermosetting types of adhesive. This type of adhesives has the property that it can be remolded at an extremely high temperatures or it cannot be changed or remolded once the curling is done.

  • Hot melt

This is the adhesives that allow the user to soften or harden them according to the need, with the help of heat and cold. This is an excellent quality of bonding and once it is heated to optimum temperature, it gets bond to the materials really fast. Thus, even if the user commits any mistake in using it, the mistake can be rectified easily.

  • Contact spray

This adhesive bond two or more items both permanently and temporarily. This is used on porous and uneven surfaces. Moreover, it is transparent and waterproof. This is a flexible adhesive and do not stain. In addition to all these features, the other interesting feature of this adhesive is, it does not contain chlorinated ingredients and thus considered as environmentally.

  • Acrylic

These adhesives are used in the construction work. And unlike others, this takes time to get dry and set. There are two components present in this adhesive the emulsion and solvent. Both are mixed together before the application.