Designing A Perfect Acrylic Signage For Your Business

For expressing the presence of your organization, you need a bold and attractive signage or signboard that displays the name and logo of your company or service. Signboard designing is an art and quality signboard makers are always in demand. There are several advertising and designing agencies in Singapore that offer quality signboard designing services. However, these services depend on the requirements of their clients and they exhibit their creativity based on the demands put forth by their customers. Acrylic signboards are quite common but you can create unique and attractive signboards by choosing innovative patterns and special designing equipment like graphical backgrounds and lightbox Singapore displays. A perfect signboard denotes something that can not only inspire the onlookers but also invite them to step into your office or store. Along with the signboard, you can also add an inspiring quote that represents the motto of your company.

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Types of acrylic signage

  • Acrylic signboards made of hard glass panels are quite popular among the corporate customers. You can install them near the entrance or at the reception area. The board would be made of pure glass or designer glass.
  • Electric acrylic signboards are suitable for stores and shops. You can install them on the top of the entrance way or towards the side of the street by erecting a pole. Electric signboards make use of illuminated backgrounds, or LED lights or neon lights for lighting up the texts.
  • Wooden boards are also quite attractive and they come in different shades and textures. They are perfect for restaurants, small shops, cafes, and hotels. You can also decorate them with neon cable lights or LED acrylic texts.
  • An acrylic business logo printed across a glass waterfall or fountain is a highly innovative design that can definitely impress your clients and customers. In a glass waterfall, the water flows down the glass wall to create a beautiful pattern. You can use them for indoor as well as outdoor purposes.