Animal Handling Equipment And Expertise For Your Pet Clinic

If you are setting up a pet clinic there are certain personnel and infrastructure you need to invest in. If you have a small corner outlet of a mall available for lease, you would need to think about getting the license for running the clinic, setting it up and the costs that would be involved.

Outsourcing cell culture and other service requirements

Any clinic, including that of a pet clinic, would have certain essential requirements:

  • Availability of certified and experienced vet and other personnel.
  • License to use certain drugs and other medical facilities.
  • Minimum infrastructure for diagnosis and treatment for different animals.

Most pet clinics in any city struggle for space. As rentals are sky high in a city like Singapore, you might think twice about investing in diagnostic services and infrastructure or expertise that you could do without. Indeed, having diagnostic services in the same clinic would not only require more space but also separate licensing as well as investing in dedicated and expert personnel who would handle the lab work.

In order to keep the costs low and competitive at the beginning of your business startup, it would be wise to approach a contract research organization. Not only do pharmaceutical marketing firms benefit from their services, but you could do too. With a wide range of facilities and services they provide, finding a lab and dedicated personnel who can get diagnostic services done for pets would not be too difficult. Outsourcing your needs will ensure that you have minimal lead time to get your pet clinic working. At the same time, you would be charged for the kind of diagnostic and other research services you require on a contractual basis. This will prove to be a minimal investment and keep your business hassle free from legislative and other regulatory requirements.