6 Non-Paper Materials to Try with your Paper Die Cutting Machine

Among crafters and creative minds, die cutting has become one of the most popular paper crafting techniques used. While there is a variety of different materials that you can use with a paper die cutting machine, paper material is one of the most popular ones. The machine has various settings, but the ones for paper remain the most basic ones. And while paper can create wonderful crafts, there is a world of possibilities with other materials as well. Some of these non-paper materials that you can use with a paper die cutting machine are the following:

1.     Foam

Foam is a very fun and creative way to use a paper die cutting machine. You can use a sheet of thin foam and run it through the machine and create a wide range of crafts for your children. You can use the cut-outs from the machine and place them under papers cut-out of the same shapes to create a 3d-like effect on flat surfaces. You can then place the piece on a card or scrapbook to make it pop off the page. Besides that, you can also the die cut machine to cut stamps out of foam. You simply just have to run the foam through the machine to cut out the shapes you want, stick them to an acrylic or plastic block and you have a custom stamp ready to use on any surface you want.

2.     Vinyl

Vinyl sheets are one of the most overlooked non-paper materials that can be used with a paper die cutting machine, while it is popular with digital die cutting machines. This is a confusing point since vinyl sheets made for die cutting are perfectly fine to use with any die cutting machine. You can create use vinyl to create modern or rustic themed crafts for home decor and other projects. You can use vinyl to create stickers for your laptop, scrapbooks and other surfaces or removable stencils for masking techniques. This is easy because vinyl usually has an adhesive backing.

3.     Wood-Veneer

Like vinyl, wood-veneer is also not a common material that is used with a paper die cutting machine. People think that maybe since it is wood-veneer, it would either not work at all, or be very difficult to run the material through the machine. But in reality, wood-veneer is an easy material to use with the machine. It is thin and flexible enough to run through the machine and create a wide range of crafts that add a natural and rustic element to projects.

4.     Cork

Cork is an excellent type of material to use with a die cutting machine to add elements of physical and visual texture to any project. You can purchase thin sheets of cork from a local craft supply store and use to run through the machine and create different types of shapes. There are some cork sheets that also have an adhesive backing that can be useful for creating cork stickers.

5.     Felt

Felt is a soft and thick fabric material that is one of the oldest forms of textiles used by humans. It is made by condensing and compressing multiple layers of fibers and pressing them together to create thickness. This process creates a type of textile that is sturdy that does not unravel or tear that easily. You can use sheets of this material with the die cutting machine to add a touch of softness to any project. While felt cuts easily in the machine, take care to not pull or tug too firmly at the sheet to avoid tearing.

6.     Woven Fabric

Last, but not the least, woven fabric including denim, cotton, burlap, silk, twill, canvas and others can be used to create die cuts. All kinds of woven materials are easy to use with the machine and create many types of die cuts for different kinds of projects.

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