4 Reasons To Use a Professional Printer

With the recent advances in print technology, many people can now do a whole host of things from home or office that weren’t previously possible. However, just because you can do something, doesn’t always mean that you should. Inkjet or laser printers work fine for making backup copies, memos, birthday cards, and some even create pretty good photos. Many jobs however, require the expertise of a professional. Legal documents, brochure printing, and quality business cards, just to name a few, should be done by a professional printer. The image and reputation of your business is at stake and inkjet results just won’t do. So with that said, here are four reasons to hire a professional printer.


When you use a professional printer, your project gets completed faster. Most have reasonable turn-around times and usually offer faster delivery for a fee. You will also be free to work on other things instead of spending precious time doing a print job.


Many people mistakenly believe that using an inkjet or laser printer will save them money. When you compare the cost of hiring a commercial printer, to the cost of ink cartridges and time spent, you may be surprised to find that it makes sense to outsource. For the same money or less, a commercial printer can deliver a much higher quality product.


A high quality printed piece makes you stand out. Printing services will always give better results and higher quality than an inkjet or laser printer. Professional printers have years of experience and high-end equipment. They produce results impossible to match on an in-house or home printer. Also, your business is important, and they will take extra care to do it right.


A printing company can open up a world of options you didn’t know existed. Commercially printed materials can be riveted, folded, die cut, embossed, bound, etc. Hundreds of paper options allow you to give your print materials unique character. Also, creating effective layouts can be difficult. Printing companies have experience in graphic design and will be able to point your project in the right direction.

Inkjet or laser printer work just fine for some jobs. For business projects however, such as brochure printing, advertising, or even business cards, nothing beats a professional printer.